Garry McGivern’s February-2022 Photos

This month, Garry McGivern’s February-2022 photos are from Bangladesh, China, Laos, and West Sussex!

Once again, due to my ongoing hip infection, I’ve not been able to get out on the bike as much as I would have liked. Although I’ve managed more cycling this month than I have in the past two months, put together! And I’ve not exactly cycled that far this month!

While I felt good, I made the most of it and went out cycling. With rides to Bosham, Emsworth and Itchenor. The rides only totalled 130 miles over five days. But it was still great getting out and about on my bike.

Initially, I thought I was okay cycling. I’d worked out, or rather thought I’d worked out! That my hip hurt the most when I took my foot off the peddle and had to lift it back on. So I started to make sure that I never got off or took my bad leg off the peddle when I stopped. That worked for a few days, but I was in pain by day five, whether I was cycling or not!

Other photos are from my Instagram account. The remaining pictures were added to old posts from my time in India, Bangladesh, China, and Laos. Taken on my World Tour in 2012 (remember back in the day when I could cycle!)

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Garry McGivern’s February-2022 Photos

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