Garry McGivern’s February-2022 Update

Garry McGivern’s February-2022 Update. I’ve had my preoperative assessment, plus they’ve entered me into some research group! My anaemia has gone, and I’ve been out on the bike a lot more!

The month started with a trip to St Richard’s hospital to attend my pre-op appointment, which seemed to go well, although it caused me a lot of pain! I’m not too sure if it was the drive over or the walking between departments! Personally, I think it was the driving, having to lift my leg between the accelerator and brake. It’s not very often I drive anywhere, but I was in too much pain to cycle. I’d already been suffering from my hip in the lead up to the appointment. And I think the drive was the final straw. I certainly paid for it in the next few days! (I’ve still not got a date to go in for the operation.)

Guinea Pig

While I was at the hospital, a nurse from the University of Brighton, which St Richard’s is now attached to, approached me. Apparently, she’d had a bit of a problem finding me! It was right at the end of my appointment, just as I was about to leave. She kept missing me as I moved between departments. They’ll question me just before my operation, straight after and for several months after that. They might regret asking me to take part! The study is something to do with improving the patient experience. More like somebody trying to justify their own job!

Boats on water

The pain had finally gotten the better of me, and I went to the doctor. And as is the usual case, by the time I’d got to see the doctor, the pain was easing! But despite the pain easing, I still went along to the doctors. Although she couldn’t do much about my pain, especially as it had now reduced, she did give me a full check over. And told me I was no longer anaemic! It must be all the steaks I’ve been eating!

Now that I was feeling better, I started to get back out on my bike. I think my first outing was fifteen miles, which I gradually built up over the next few days until I managed forty miles in one day! (I can’t quite believe that forty miles is a major distance for me now!) My days of cycling didn’t last long! And I was soon suffering once again with pain, fever, and cold sweats at night!

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2 Replies to “Garry McGivern’s February-2022 Update”

  1. Hi take. It easy don’t rush around if you cycle one day next day rest and work in rotation giving your body time to recover and rest during this time you will heal. Don’t be a mad man.I know I have done it myself took months to recover . Take Care Stay Safe and good luck keep us posted fellow touring Cyclists.

    1. I don’t like resting! Anyway, I’ve been resting for eight months now, and my body won’t heal until I have my operation, so I’d just as well abuse it now! While I can.
      Stay safe and keep peddling!

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