Hilleberg Staika Video

Garry’s latest YouTube video.

The Hilleberg Staika Garry’s most recent tent. After all the problems with leaks and breakages Garry has experienced with his MSR Hubba Tour, he decided to buy another tent, yes, yet another one! Some people like to buy shoes or clothes, Garry likes to buy tents!

To try it out he’s heading down to the New Forest. #ClumsyGarry


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2 Replies to “Hilleberg Staika Video”

  1. Ouch! Wouldn’t you be better with a light cycling shoe? No one would know you had a bad back and a dodgy hip.
    Lovely stitching on the tent but I wouldn’t like to put that up in the pouring rain. Still, there’s not much chance of that these days. I can’t believe you can just jump on a bike and do that mileage.

    1. No, flipflops are fine!
      With this lockdown and all the sitting about my backs really bad at the moment! But it’s easing a bit now we’re allowed out again.
      It’s an exceptionally well-made tent, just not suited to me! I just wish Hilleberg made a tent similar to my MSR Tour!
      I’d like to jump on my bike and head off somewhere now!

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