Cycle Touring Spain Monday 1st June. Santander to somewhere in the Bay of Biscay.

Well that turned out for the best last night stopping in a hotel, it started to rain at about 1am and I think it must have been raining most of the night as it was still raining this morning! The last two days of riding have been more painful than people realise hills aside! On Saturday morning as I was loading my bike up I tripped and fell on the concrete ground! When I fell I managed to somehow fall on my clenched fist which went into my ribs, crack! I felt my ribs go! I was pretty winded and had a grazed knee but my ribs really hurt! I’ve now been in a lot of pain for the past three days even worse today not doing anything, every time I take a deep breath, twist, turn or laugh! Not that I do often (laugh that is) and now I’ve got a good excuse not too, I can be be Mr Grumpy all the time! And as for the cycling that nearly killed me breathing deeply going up the hills then hitting the bumps on the way down! At least I’m already taking some pretty strong painkillers so it does ease the pain a bit and it was at the end of the tour! Spent the morning at the hotel as it was still raining, I did however go and get a haircut before going to the ferry terminal and leaving Spain at 3.15pm local time.

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