Bicycle-Touring Spain June-1st 2015

Bicycle-Touring Spain Monday, June-1st 2015, Santander to somewhere in the Bay of Biscay. That was definitely a good idea to stop in a hotel last night. It started to rain around 1 am and was still raining when I went down for breakfast, at 7.30.

Grass water bridge
Looking down on Ribadesella yesterday

The last two days of riding have been more challenging and painful than people realise, hills aside! On Saturday morning, as I was loading my bike, I tripped and fell onto the concrete ground! (#ClumsyGarry) Unfortunately, when I fell, I managed to somehow fall onto my clenched fist, which went into my ribs! Crack, I felt my ribs go! I was pretty winded and had a grazed knee, but my ribs were killing me! These last few days of cycling have been excruciatingly painful, especially with all the hills! Cycling along the flat was bad enough! But when it came to even the slightest climbs, and my breathing increased, it became unbearable!

Tent on grass
Scene of the accident- before I fell over!

Things haven’t been much better today, and I’m only sitting around! Every time I take a deep breath, twist, turn or laugh, it hurts! Not that I do laugh very often! But at least now I’ve got a good excuse not to laugh, and I can be Mr Grumpy all the time! I’m just grateful that I’m already taking strong painkillers. I don’t think I could have continued without them! And luckily it happened at the end of my tour!

I spent this morning milling around the hotel, as it was still raining. Although I did pop out to the local barbers for a haircut. After lunch, I checked out of the hotel and went to the ferry terminal. The ferry left Spain at about 3.15 pm local time.

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  1. Thank goodness you’re on the Ferry. This has been a tough ride and I hope you have a calm crossing.

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