Cycle Touring India Monday 24th October. Panjh to Sagar. 48 miles.

Much earlier start today I was woken up at about 5.30 by the call to prayer which I tend to hear most mornings so I’ve gotten use to that but this morning the call to prayer was followed by a load of women chanting just outside my door by the sound of it! I don’t think it was me that they were chanting at but you never know!

Probably just as well I found that guesthouse house last night as after that village it was jungle and there was loads of monkeys and as much as I like monkeys, spending the night with them is not high on my list of this to do! It was cool to see them this morning though.

Monkeys in the road
Monkeys in the road

Short ride today I just didn’t fancy another late night and looking at the map there didn’t look as if there would be much chance of finding somewhere for a long time after Sagar.Thinking I’d found a nice hotel with wifi I was wrong! The hotel itself was ok but as for the wifi, forget it!

On the ride into Sagar I got pulled over by a man on a motorcycle who asked me to come to his school and meet his students, to which I was obviously more than happy and it was only about 400 yards back down the road.

Garry McGivern with some school children
Happy children at the school today

It was only a small school with about 130 pupils aged between 7 and 11. At first they were very nervous but after a while they came out of there shells and I was completely surrounded with pupils wanting to shake my hand. Their English wasn’t that good and the only reel question they asked was what was my name! 

I got the impression that it was more of an ego trip for the headmaster or whatever he was than an educational thing for the children, but hey I enjoyed it and so did the children I think!

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  1. Big kids, like the one at the back are now passing through Calais into Britain.
    Does the caste system still operate in towns and villages?

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