Cycle Touring India Tuesday 25th October. Sagar to Lalipur. 67 miles.

Nice surprise on the food front last night roast chicken and french fries and it wasn’t spicy at all! It tasted divine and made a nice change to the spicy food I’ve been eating!

Seen loads of monkeys again today and also plenty of parakeets, the roads have also been particularly quiet considering I’m back on one of the main highways again!

Monkeys on the road

Had a bit of a close call tonight I was nearly mugged! I was out looking for somewhere to get a shave and also some beer, neither of which I found so I had to settle for my normal bottle of coke.

Cows on the road
Busy roads today

As I was walking along with my coke and some crisps in a bag all of a sudden I felt something pulling at my bag, I turned around swiftly already to defend myself only to realise it was a bloody cow tugging at my bag!

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