Monday 8th September. Market Harborough to Doncaster South Yorkshire. 84 miles.

What a crap nights sleep or rather lack of it! The church in the main square kept chiming every 15 minutes and you knew exactly whether it was quarter past, half past, quarter to or on the hour! Quarter past the hour would be one chime, half past two chimes, quarter to three chimes and then on the hour four chimes plus a singular bell to mark what ever the hour was! In the end I’d fall asleep for 14 minutes wake up wait for it to chime then go back to sleep for another 14 minutes! Every time I woke up I hoped that I had slept for more than 14 minutes but no I knew exactly what time of the night it was every 15 minutes! On the plus side today my leg was a lot better when I was cycling however I found it very difficult to walk on and the hotel tonight I could barely walk up the stairs! Yes unfortunately I’m staying in another hotel, campsites seem to be few and far between and the couple that I have found towards the end of the day don’t seem to want to take tents! If my leg wasn’t playing me up again I might push on a bit in the hope of finding a campsite but at the moment I’m just grateful to stop!

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