Odd Photos Taken In April 2020

Odd photos that were taken in April. Considering what’s going on at the moment, there’s a surprisingly large amount!

With the continuing lockdown, Garry hasn’t been far on the bike. And the only photos he’s taken this month have been of signs supporting the NHS. From around Felpham and Bognor.

Being stuck at home like so many others, Garry’s been keeping himself busy. He’s been looking back at his previous tours to see where he was in April, in years gone by. And posting those photos on his social media platforms. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Other photos this month are snapshots taken from the videos Garry’s been uploading.



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2 Replies to “Odd Photos Taken In April 2020”

  1. Hi Garry! Some interesting photos. Don’t worry about all the lockdown cyclists, they’ll disappear in the first downpour of rain. Fitness doesn’t seem to figure with you. You ride out in any state of health and in any weather.

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