The Annual Isle of Wight Weekend YouTube Video

The annual Isle of Wight weekend on video. A collection of photos and videos from previous years trips made into a short video.

Held on the first public holiday in May. It’s a relaxing ride across the island, followed by a weekend of camping at Grange Farm, Brighstone.

A great weekend when the sun always shines!! Enjoyed by both young and old.

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2 Replies to “The Annual Isle of Wight Weekend YouTube Video”

  1. You deserve a medal for organising that lot. Some of them were struggling. Today, the lockdown cyclists are everywhere darting in and out of side roads. Family groups take over the whole road.

    1. Not me, my mate Dave organises it! Tell me about it! I’ve just been out, it’s a nightmare!
      Anyway, shouldn’t we be talking about that bloke on the local news last night!!

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