On This Day 22nd-July-2010

This week’s on this day post comes from the 22nd-July-2010, and I’m in France cycling with Katrin, the Swiss cyclist I’d met a few weeks previous. And we’re just coming to the end of our ride along the Loire valley.

Thursday 22nd July. Nantes to Herbignac. 78 miles.

The day got off to a bad start. Katrin was struggling to get on her bike and fell off trying. I think she may have been suffering from our ninety-mile ride yesterday, which is much more than we had originally planned. At the start of our ride, we agreed to cycle between eighty and one hundred kilometres a day. (Fifty to sixty miles) with me pushing for the higher mileage. So ninety miles was a rather long day. Luckily Katrin never hurt herself and laughed it off.

We only had a short ride this morning before we had to catch a ferry across to the other side of the Loire. We arrived at the jetty just as the ferry had left. But it was okay as it was only a twenty-minute turnaround. As we waited for the ferry to come back, we could see it struggling to come across. I just thought it was the current, but when it finally landed at the jetty, we discovered there was a problem. And they needed to fix it before returning. Thankfully whatever the problem was only took three-quarters of an hour to fix, and we were soon on the south bank of the Loire.

The End

We arrived at the end of the Loire valley at Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins at around midday, after Katin took us on a detour. I could see the “Pont Saint-Nazier” in the distance, which is at the end of the Loire. One minute it was on my left. The next minute it was on my right. I would have just cycled direct.

Man woman bikes sign
At the end of the Loire valley

After getting our photo taken at the marker for the start of the Loire valley ride, we had to cross the “Pont Saint-Nazier”, which I was a little nervous for Katrin. But I needn’t have worried. I remembered what the bridge was like when I crossed it in 2008, very busy, narrow with a strong side wind. Katrin is a confident rider and was fine. We are now heading north westerly along the coast towards Brittany.

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