Saturday 13th July. Llangadog to Fishguard. 67 miles.

That’s the easy part done, now to start the tour!
I arrived in Fishguard at around 4pm and immediately went to book onto the first available ferry. Finding the ferry terminal completely deserted and closed I booked online.

Carmarthen castle, not quite as I’d expected!

There’s only two ferries a day, the overnight one that leaves just before midnight, or 1pm tomorrow.

Rather than hang around tomorrow morning and wasting a day I’ve booked on tonight’s crossing, which I’ll probably regret later! But I figured I’ll get to Ireland cycle for a few hours then stop early. The only trouble is, it might be more than a few hours cycling, I arrive at 4am!

After booking my passage I went down to the beach to watch a dragon boat race. I watched them set off into the sea expecting them to return after a short while, they didn’t! Apparently they race around the headland and finish in another bay!

Boats in sea
And their off, never to be seen again!

After that I had a little ride around, before going to get some fish and chips to eat, which is where I’m sat at the moment! Only five hours to kill before my ferry leaves!

2 Replies to “Saturday 13th July. Llangadog to Fishguard. 67 miles.”

  1. Hi Garry! Those little ride arounds are what it’s all about. What a dismal looking castle. And the ferry: I bet it’s a cattle boat. Sorry to be so negative. What beats me is how you can process your blog in a tent
    When you get over there, give the Blarney stone a miss.

    1. The castle was a bit of let down, I think I had Caernarfon in my head!
      The ferry was pretty quiet, so not too bad.
      Modern technology Malcolm, that’s how it’s all done, and if can do it anybody can!

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