Travelsonabike2 France Saturday 28th-October-2017

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is bicycle touring France on Saturday, the 28th-October-2017. Avranches to Ouistrem. 78 miles. It’s been quite a long day today, I started in the dark and finished in the dark!

Old cottage
Pretty cottage on the road. This picture was actually taken yesterday

It was my normal start time of 5.45, well that’s what time the alarm goes off! But no, I was good and got up straight away, which, when it’s not particularly warm, is pretty good!

It was a really damp and foggy start to the day everything was soaked through! I forgot how damp it is at this time of year, and from memory, it always seems to be foggy in France!

Black and white cow
One of the many cows that I’ve met today

After packing up, I set off into the dark foggy morning. And it wasn’t long before I had to stop and get my gloves out it felt pretty raw first thing!

L’Abbaye-aux-Hommes in Caen

My ride today has just been going uphill, coming downhill, going uphill, coming downhill and repeating all day long! Despite all the ups and downs, though it’s been a fairly enjoyable day!

Building with columns in front
Palais De Justice Caen

I hadn’t intended to come as far as I have. I was hoping to find a campsite earlier on, which I did at Aunay-s-Oden, about 20 miles from Caen. But unfortunately, it was closed!

Caen Castle
Best Keep Going

I continued on towards Caen in the hope that another campsite would come up. I really needed to stop early. The tent was put away wet this morning, so I needed some sunlight and wind to dry it out. But before I knew where I was, I was in Caen, and the light was fading fast!

Caen Mairie

I debated as to whether or not to get a hotel for the night. But then after looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow, it wasn’t particularly good! So I decided to go home, I would have gone home tomorrow night anyway so it doesn’t really matter!

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  1. Caen: another town that was completely rebuilt after the war. Some good photos ut it all seemed a bit dismal. Are dyou a natural loner? Oh no! Have I got to enter my Email again!

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