St-Richards-Hospital 17th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 17th September 2021, well, that was a pleasant evening last night. I spent it being a pin cushion! My cannula needed replacing, and once again, nobody could get a new one in!

I think I’m the new practice dummy! Now I’m facing the prospect of a third operation in as many months! For new cannulas and anything to do with hips!

Last night’s moon

After speaking to the doctors this morning, I might not be having another operation! They’ve whittled it down to two options! One; another six-week course of antibiotics. Which is the easiest and less risky, but it might not work after already having been down that road twice. Two; bite the bullet and go for another total hip replacement! A lot more complex, with more complications!

The doctor who visited me this morning was personally sceptical about another course of antibiotics and thought the full hip operation was probably best. But as he said, it’s not up to him. The decision will be between Mr Wakeling (my consultant) and Mr Rao, the head of orthopaedics, and the surgeon who performed my first washout. I await to hear.

The above was all written earlier while waiting for a wound change. And I knew it was a mistake to try and write today’s update early!

The good news is my markers have come down again today. All antibiotics are have stopped! And no more needles or cannulas. That’s the good news. Although the rest of the post isn’t really bad, it’s more of a way forward!

The Way Forward

Well, a decision has been made, and from what I can tell, it’s going to be a long drawn out affair with months off the bike! They’re going for the full hip replacement, but over two operations, starting next week! Although I’m not entirely sure of the procedure, I think it goes something like this. Firstly they’ll remove the entire hip, give it all a good washout and take some swabs for analysis. The whole hip will then be packed with antibiotics and a temporary hip or something (that’s the doctor’s words, not mine) put in its place. This will all be left, and I’ll then have to take a six-week course of antibiotics.

I saw Mr Fox last night

After six weeks of antibiotics, assuming everything is okay, they will perform the second operation and give me a proper hip! Which hopefully will be the end of it all, or will it be the start again? I have a couple of questions that I need to ask on that! The reason for stopping my antibiotics today is so I don’t get too used to them, and they’ll have a better chance of working after the operation!

Touring bike by water
Just to wind myself up!

Unfortunately, that looks like the end of any cycle tours I may have had for this year! But looking forward, it does mean more of the world will be vaccinated against Covid-19, and there will be fewer travel restrictions! All I can do is hope all goes well and plan some tours for next year!

8 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 17th September 2021”

  1. I’m too squeamish to follow this. Can the cannulars.
    Lovely photo of the moon. We’ll see the rest on Monday.
    I forgot about Covid: your touring might have been limited this year.
    The festival is on at the moment so I expect all the camping sites are full.

    1. All cannulas have gone. You should see the bruises on my arm! I think they’re going, or rather I’m hoping they put a Picc line in next time!
      I wasn’t planning on going too far anyway, and it would have only been in the UK, possibly France. All dependent on what was happening with the virus!
      I don’t think you’d find a campsite this weekend, but come Monday they would have all been empty! Best just look forward to next year, and maybe a big tour?

  2. You don’t do things by half do you Garry!

    You have quite a journey ahead of you. I see some bike touring journey parallels with every day throwing up something new like the unpredictability of weather, hills, bugs, traffic, great scenery and perfect campsites.

    The harder the bad days, the better the good days🤔. And as time moves along the good days will become great days and the bad days better days. I know this to be so👍

    Enjoy your extended stay at the fox garden resort Gary

    1. If you’re going to do something, do it properly!
      Great analogy, and I’ve been thinking along the same lines myself! It’s always the difficult days that, on reflection, become some of the best, and usually your greatest adventures!
      I’m still trying to find that bar!

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