Sunday 26th April; Twitter Video

Garry McGivern’s Twitter video from Sunday, the 26th of April. It should have been the London marathon today, which, due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, has been cancelled. As a result of the cancellation, people have been doing the 2.6 challenge.

An initiative to raise money for the charities that have lost out because of the marathon being cancelled. Each year, the London Marathon raises millions of pounds for charities. It’s a vital day for fundraising.

Instead of running a 26-mile marathon. People have been urged to get active and do anything: skipping for 26 minutes, a 2.6-mile run or walk, juggling for 26 minutes, or with 26 balls maybe, anything goes!

I just thought I’d add my effort to it and walk up and down the stairs 26 times, although, in reality, I walked up and down over 100 times, trying to get the video right. Believe it or not!

I donated to the Sepsis Trust.

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