Tuesday 28th April; Twitter Video

A short video made out of lockdown boredom!

Garry’s decided to go shopping. Worried about the Covid-19 disease he’s come up with his own version of a hazmat suit!

He didn’t really go, he didn’t want the wrath of Vicky and Julie! It just gave him something to do and fill his time!


4 Replies to “Tuesday 28th April; Twitter Video”

  1. Haha That will be useful when you go to the North Pole. What’s happening at your local pub? All the cafes are shut so I get a coffee from the Launderette. I tried Sainsburys today but the queue was too long. the co-op is a better bet.

    1. The North Pole might be a bit too extreme!
      Don’t mention the pubs, their saying they may not be open until Christmas!!
      Glad you’re managing to get a coffee, shame Gigi’s isn’t open anymore, she would have given you a coffee!

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