Sunday 5th April; YouTube Video

April 2020 and the country and much of the world is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Looking for something to do Garry decided to put his Flickr photos onto video and post them on his YouTube channel.

This short video shows Garry’s journey across Australia, which was part of his world tour in 2012. As well as his Flickr photos, there are also some unseen photos.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, I hope you enjoy.

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2 Replies to “Sunday 5th April; YouTube Video”

  1. You on that notorious road. I’ll bet the women were glad to see you. I can’t imagine how you must feel, looking back. I’ll bet you didn’t meet cyclists – only those enormous trucks. Did I see a headless chicken? Wow! What an experience. I cycled down the Champs Elysee on Christmas day but it doesn’t compare.

    1. You’re right, they were glad to see me, but even happier when I left!
      Strange I didn’t meet up with other cyclists!? There was definitely plenty of big trucks, who spent all day trying to kill me, or that’s what it felt like! But come the evenings in the Road Houses, they’d buy me a “tinny!”
      I wouldn’t mind cycling down the Champs Elysee right now! Although somehow I think that could be a long way off!

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