Thursday 10th October. Montceau-les-Mines to Dole. 75 Miles.

Well that was an enjoyable ride! It’s been mainly downhill, plus I’ve had a tailwind for most of it. And to finish the day off, I’ve found a campsite!

Track lined with trees and water
Lovely route following the canal first thing

I started the day off where I’d left off yesterday, following the canal du central, but after 3 or 4 hours I left that and was heading across country on roads. I think the cycle route that I’m sort of following does follow the canal, but according to my phone it was quicker to follow the roads.

Man on hill
Not a canal or river to be seen

I was back on the canal for my last 6-miles as I rode into Dole, so maybe I’ll be following it again tomorrow, I’ll have a look tonight.

Water, church houses
Pretty looking town of Dole

I even had to slow down at one point today, I was catching a big black cloud up, that was chucking down the rain!

2 Replies to “Thursday 10th October. Montceau-les-Mines to Dole. 75 Miles.”

  1. Dole looks a lovely old town. Would they get flooding there? Over a cup of coffee, my friend showed me photos of his vintage bike collection. I told him about your exploits. We ate jam doughnuts while you cycled 77 miles. He! he!

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