Thursday 11th July. Salisbury to Chepstow. 72 miles.

Nice early start this morning, I was up at 5am, although a lot of phaffin around on my part meant I didn’t leave camp until gone 7! But it was all fine and not a problem.

I wasn’t too sure which route to take first thing! In the end I started to follow the phone, but soon got annoyed with that, after it tried to send me across the firing ranges on Salisbury plain! I went my way, along the main roads after that!

Man fields
On Salisbury plain this morning

Staying in a hotel tonight, I wasn’t too sure which way to head after reaching Chepstow, and I couldn’t see any campsites nearby, so rather than go off in the wrong direction, I just stopped at the first place I saw! Hopefully I’ve sorted my route to Fishguard now!

Suspension bridge
Crossing into Wales on the Severn Bridge

2 Replies to “Thursday 11th July. Salisbury to Chepstow. 72 miles.”

  1. 72 miles and it’s getting exciting. Could you give us small map? Lovely photos.
    I’ve been over only on the rail bridge.

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