Thursday 7th May. Burgos to Penafiel. 74 miles.

Today didn’t go quite as I planned, but it worked out for the better I think. I was thinking of getting the main road from Burgos to Aranda then cutting across to Sagovia but it turned out to be a motorway so I gave that up as a bad job! I was all set to go on a huge detour when I spotted another route using back roads, not the kind of thing I normally do, I just like to go directly to somewhere rather than faff about on small roads that you constantly have to watch in case you take the wrong one! But I must admit I quite enjoyed my ride today passing through all the little villages, mind you I didn’t see hardly anybody or any other traffic! I was struggling to start with wondering if I was really in Spain it was so green and fertile everywhere with wheat or barley growing in the fields, but gradually as the day went on the landscape turned a bit more baron with vineyards all around! One point of concern today is whether I killed Julio, as some bug flew into my mouth and I swallowed it! Hope it wasn’t Julio but I guess I’ll never know! Photo’s; how the landscape changed as I headed south.
Lush green farmland Spain
Baron landscape Spain

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  1. Ella is coming for a sleepover tomorrow so we will be tracking you on the map again. I hope you sleep well and the sunshines for you tomorrow xx

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