Spanish Bike Ride 6th-May-2015

Garry McGivern’s Spanish and Portuguese bike ride Wednesday 6th-May-2015 Villarcayo to Burgos. 51 miles. I struggled to get going this morning. It was cold and damp when I woke up! The tent was soaking wet, and my phone seemed to be taking a long time to charge in the shower block. My clothes had also not dried! I was also hoping they might dry by leaving my clothes a little longer. No chance I had to put them on wet! Oh, the joys of camping! My lack of enthusiasm could have also been down to spotting a 1000 metre climb on the map last night! Eventually, I managed to get moving, although I was still in no rush.

I finally packed up and got moving at just gone eight o’clock, but I didn’t get far. The campsite gate was locked, and there was no way out. It was entirely my fault. I forgot to ask what time the gates opened when I checked in last night. So I just had to sit there shivering in my wet clothes! I eventually got on the road at nine o’clock.

Well, I was right about that 1000 metre climb, and to make things worse, it was an 11% gradient in places. It took me a good hour to reach the top. Once there, I seemed to be on a plateau and only dropped down a few hundred feet before climbing again. It’s been like that all day, small drops and long climbs. The climbs probably weren’t that long. They just feel a lot longer.


I picked up a hitchhiker today, Julio. He had a wife and two kids. And due to the lack of work in the north. He was heading south to find his fame and fortune! He was tired and said that he wanted to rest, so could I give him a lift no problem, I said, jump on. He was with me for a good half hour, and we chatted away, sharing our stories of how we got here. It was nice having some company for a while! Then without a thank you or anything, he took off! Now there’s gratitude for you!

I think I may have had too much sun today!!

Map and bug
My new mate Julio

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