Wednesday 6th May. Villarcayo to Burgos. 51 miles.

Didn’t want to get up this morning it was dark cold and damp, but eventually I did after lying there for nearly an hour. Took my time packing away, for one I wanted to allow enough time for my phone to charge in the shower block, two, try and let my clothes dry out after washing them last night but there really wasn’t much chance of that and I had to put them on wet! And three, I saw on the map last night that I had a nice 1000 metre climb to do a few miles down the road! But none of that mattered because when I went to leave at about 8 o’clock I couldn’t! I was locked in with no way out! So I just had to sit there in my wet clothes getting cold! It was probably my own fault I forgot to check last night if I could get out in the morning! Eventually somebody arrived at 9 o’clock! I was right about that climb, 1000m and to make it worse it was an 11% gradient in places it took me over an hour to get up it and once I was at the top it stayed there or it seemed like it did! I felt as if it only dropped a few hundred feet before it went up again and those bits that went down were against the wind! Hence the low mileage today. Picked up a hitchhiker today he was tired and said that he wanted to rest so could I give him a lift, no problem I said, jump on. His name was Julio and he had a wife and two kids but there was no work up in the north of Spain so he was heading south to find fame and fortune, he stayed with me for a good half hour or so before he just left without a thank you or anything! Now there’s gratitude for you! Think I may have had too much sun today!! Photo; Julio my new friend!Bug on a map

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