Travelsonabike2 France Thursday 12th-September-2013

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in France on Thursday, 12th-September-2013. Bognor Regis to Neufchatel-en-Bray, France via the Newhaven, Dieppe ferry. 63 miles. I decided yesterday morning to go away on another tour, seeing as I’ve not been on one since I got back from going around the world.

I was originally going to do this trip back in June, but the weather was so nice at home that I decided to stay put and enjoy it! But now the weather has turned and the days are getting shorter. It seems like a good idea to head south. Hopefully, to a warmer climate!

Hectic day yesterday after making such a late decision, there was quite a lot to do. Packing, sorting the house out, banks, work and making sure the cat was going to be fed. Oh, and telling friends and family I was going away! I think I managed to get it all done, apart from checking the bike out!

I’m Off

Nice early start today. I was up at 3.30 am to cycle the 30-odd miles to Newhaven. I left home at 4.30 and was in Newhaven by 8 o’clock. Nice, easy ride with just a bit of drizzle. But nothing to really worry about. The ferry crossing was very smooth. The channel was like a mill pond.

I was going to camp in Dieppe tonight, but I met 6 other cyclists who were cycling to Paris. They seemed to be having the same problem as I do. Not being able to find the right road out of a city. So I decided to tag along for the amusement. After all, it was still only mid-afternoon, and the route they were looking for was an option for me to take. It didn’t take long before they found it. Once we found it, I realised that I was a few miles from the campsite I was going to stop at, so decided to continue along this route.

Avenue Verte

It’s the London to Paris cycle route and runs along an old railway line. I said goodbye to the six other cyclists as I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep their pace up. (they were on racers with no luggage) Although I did spend the rest of the afternoon playing the hare and tortoise. They’d zoom off and then have to stop for some reason then I would pass them. Then they’d zoom past me again. This went on a few times until I found a campsite for the night and stopped.

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  1. Great to meet you in Dieppe Garry, (the man who’s bike weighs more than him). Good luck on your trip and happy cycling

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