Travelsonabike2 Morocco This Day 5th-April-2009

This week’s Travelsonabike2 on this day post comes from Morocco on the 5th-April-2009, and I’m in Marrakesh. Two days previous, I’d had a long, stressful day cycling into Marrakesh and was ready to go home. But thankfully, I didn’t because, from that point, my adventure in Morocco only got better.

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Sunday 5th April.  Marrakesh to Taddert. 60 miles.

After a relaxing day off the bike playing the tourist yesterday, I felt a lot calmer. And overnight I decided that I didn’t want to give up and was going to continue. Although, after today’s ride, I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t; it’s been tough going 60 miles nearly all uphill! But at least I’ve not been plagued by those Grand taxis.

Instead, they have been replaced with 4x4s with Spanish number plates. There have been hundreds of them driving past me all day, and even as I sit in the hotel, I can still see them going past!

Man with bicycle
Who’s that slim chap?

I decided to stop here at Taddert because I was worried that there wouldn’t be anywhere to stay in the next village. After all, according to my map, there’s nothing for miles after that, plus I’d had enough of peddling up these mountains. The hotel tonight isn’t quite 5-star, but it’s a bed for the night, and they serve beer. I’m not sure how much it costs, though. I think the owner said as long as I eat here, it’s okay, let’s hope so!

I can see plenty of snow on the higher peaks; I hope I don’t end up there. The sun has been very hot today. But there’s been a cold wind coming off the mountains, keeping the temperature down; in fact, it’s been pretty chilly in the shade. And as I sit here with the sun going down, I can feel the temperature starting to drop, but then I am at 1700 metres.

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