Cycle Touring India Wednesday 19th October. Dhule. 

I was thinking last night I should really leave my convalescant home in the next day or two as I need to get moving if I’m ever going to get to Kathmandu!

I feel fine in myself but still get a bit short of breath whenever I do anything, but then maybe that’ll take a long time to go, more time than I’ve got to wait here, so maybe I’ll just have to adapt to it and get on with it.

Indian food
Being brought out surprise food like this doesn’t help me leave! Peppers, paneer, tomatoes and onions

But on the other hand I don’t want to start travelling again then one or two days down the line become ill again!

Two men sewing on the street
Sewing services

So I’ve decided to stay for one more day then at least I will have finished all my antibiotics! And if I’m not fit enough to cycle I’ll just take it easy and make my way to Delhi and get a flight home!

Smiley market traders in India
Smiley market traders

Spent this morning down the market making some more boring videos, click to view on YouTube it keeps me occupied and out of trouble!

Happy faces in the market
More happy faces in the market

And to fill my time this afternoon I went for a haircut and also had another shave.

Indian barber
The barber at work

Looking forward to moving tomorrow although I am a little apprehensive about my chest getting bad again!

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