Wednesday 20th May. Tarifa to Jerez. 70 miles.

The campsite I stayed at last night was the same one I stayed after I’d cycled around Morocco in 2009 and it hadn’t changed at all! Found a new game to play whilst going up hill, on quiet roads that is trying to get the beads of sweat that run off my face to land on the crossbar, it’s harder than you think trying to time it just right, I got quite good at it after a while! This is how bored I get ploughing up some of these hills! Got lost in Chiclana earlier I was doing fine until there was some roadworks and the main road the one I wanted was closed, so I followed the signs for the diversion or should I say sign there was only one and that was the one to say go left I never saw another one! After about a mile or so I realised that I was going the wrong way as I started going out of town on some small country road and all the roads that I would be on today were fast dual carriageway’s! After turning around and a brief pit stop at McDonald’s to use their wifi, to look at a map I eventually found my way back onto the road that I wanted! Not really been much to see today as I said it’s been mainly dual carriageway cycling all day. Staying at a hotel tonight as there’s no campsites around, while I was here I thought I’d take the opportunity of looking to see how to get home ie; ferry times, wished I’d never bothered it got so confusing I need to be home by the 4th June because as I’ve got something booked. The problem is ferry times don’t work out very well, they either leave too early as in before I’d be able to get there or there booked up! Going for a few beers now hoping it will help and then I’ll look later! Quite often if you have a problem that you can’t solve it’s best to leave it for a while and forget about it then come back later with a fresh mind! Best not have too many pints then!!

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  1. Sometimes, I use the old Siam mantra to keep the pedals turning.
    ‘Ah what an ah Siam’ We are suffering with you.

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