Wednesday 2nd October. Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. 30 Miles.

Well I’m finally on my way back to France. Catching the overnight ferry to Saint-Malo.

Southsea Castle

Once in Saint-Malo I’m going to head straight to Angers to rejoin the Loire Valley and continue where I left off a month ago. I’m wondering about getting the train, so I can get there quicker, but I’ll decide that in the morning.

Sunset boats
Sunset looking out the back of the ferry

Don’t forget you can also follow my progress via the map below, which is located on the “Where’s Garry” page.

4 Replies to “Wednesday 2nd October. Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. 30 Miles.”

  1. I can’t keep up with you even on a computer. I expect they all turn out and cheer at the start of your expeditions. Mind you, I’ll bet you can’t wait to get of that ferry. I found 11 hours too much for me in a reclining seat It’s Autumn and you’re in a tent. I thought you’d stay home till after the op.

    1. I must admit that I noticed that, how everybody cheers when I leave, but never seem so happy when I return!?!
      No point in staying home at the moment, I’m going to make the most of getting out while I can, I’ll have plenty of time at home after my op!

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