Cycle Touring England Wednesday 5th April. Bognor to Wareham. 78 miles.

Decided seeing as I didn’t have any more work booked in this week I’d make the most of the nice weather and get away! I was trying to go at the weekend but I had a problem with my email and had to wait in for a phone call from BT, which still didn’t resolve the issue and I had to wait for another call on Tuesday evening which thankfully this time sorted it out!

Lytchett Minster church
Lytchett Minster church

I love this time of year the days are getting longer, the temperatures going up and all the campsites are starting to open.

Wightlink ferry
The Isle of Wight ferry going the other way

It seemed like really long day today which was mainly because of the route I came, which was via the Isle of Wight. You waste 90 minutes sitting on ferries and now that the Yarmouth to Lymington ferry is only hourly it’s even worse especially when you just miss one as I did!

Poole beach
Poole beach looking towards the Isle of Purbeck

Apart from taking so long to get here it’s been a really lovely spring day and the sun has shone all day.

4 Replies to “Cycle Touring England Wednesday 5th April. Bognor to Wareham. 78 miles.”

  1. I’m fed up with the Isle of Wight – I’m gonna look up some of your French tours. I went up to London but I didn’t fancy those Santander hire bikes

    1. The Boris bikes or rather the Santander bikes are brilliant, you should try them! I definitely try and get to France this year at some point.

  2. Hi Spike. I am glad you made it to Wareham. I hope you are able to sleep well and the weather stsys good again tomorrow for you. x

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