World Bicycle-Tour Video; China

World bicycle-tour video China, another YouTube/Flickr video.

After a frustrating ten days in Dhaka, trying to get a visa for China! Garry’s finally arrived in Kunming. Unfortunately, to get here, Garry had to fly, since, Burma (Myanmar) was a closed state and westerners were prohibited from entry.

China, what a contrast to Bangladesh! Everything in Bangladesh was dusty and overcrowded! Here it was bright and immaculately clean. Although there was one similarity, road signs, they were a nightmare to try and work out! Garry had to rely on the motorway signs that he would often see in the distance. And just hoped he was heading in the right direction! And as communicating with anybody! Nobody seemed to even understand simple hand signs, like eating and sleeping! But what an adventure!

After a tough nine days of cycling through the mountains of southwest China, Garry reaches the China/Laos border. And has to hope that he’s got his homework right, and Laos is visa on entry! Because if not, he’ll be stuck in no man’s land, unable to return to China, and unable to enter Laos! It was a nerve-wracking moment!


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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; China”

  1. what an experience! Very atmospheric. The only place left for you now is outer space. Must have been wonderful sitting down with a Chinese family.

    1. It really was, so different to anything I’d experienced before!
      That was a great couple of days in Tongguanzhen when I was taken in by the hotel owners. Ironically, I wasn’t even meant to be there, I’d got lost and took a wrong turning!

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