World Bicycle-Tour Video; Turkey

World bicycle-tour video Turkey, another YouTube/Flickr video.

Garry’s ride to Australia was off to a good start, reaching Istanbul, 27 days, after leaving England! Julie also flew out to join Garry, and they spent a few days playing the tourist. But no sooner had Julie arrived, and it was time for her to fly home! And time for Garry to continue his ride, next stop Iran.

Unfortunately, just as Garry left Istanbul, the British embassy in Tehran was invaded, and Iran was now deemed unsafe! Garry spent the next few days, wondering whether he should go to Iran or not! And if not which way should he go! He couldn’t go over Iran it was too cold, his only possible route was to head south.

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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; Turkey”

  1. I went through Iran before the revolution and had to report to local police stations. What a shame your meeting with Julie was so short, still, you must have enjoyed Istanbul.
    I always make comments; they may piss you off at times, but there.

    1. That must have been a great trip, I’m jealous! Hopefully, I’ll make it there one day. Istanbul is a lovely place, I ended up there four times, while on my world tour!
      Your comments are always welcome, I look forward to receiving them. Besides, it’s the only way I know you’re still alive!!

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