World Bicycle-Tour Video; India

World bicycle-tour video India, another YouTube/Flickr video.

Garry’s ride to Australia continues. Garry left Turkey and is now in India. Garry was meant to be heading to Iran after Turkey. But after the foreign office advised against travelling there, Garry had to change his route!

He had tried to go south of Iran via Saudi Arabia but was unable to get a visa. Going north of Iran was definitely out of the question. It was winter, and the roads would have been impassable by bike! Leaving Garry only one option, to avoid the area completely, and fly to India! It was probably for the best, though; Garry was already struggling to get a visa for Pakistan and may have been stuck in Iran!

After arriving in Mumbai, Garry had a few days to acclimatise and play the tourist before setting off on the 1400-mile cycle ride to Bangladesh.

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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; India”

  1. Hi Garry! Nice to see you with that little joey. What a terrible world we’re living in. I’ll bet you’ll be glad to ride off in the sunset with your tent. I’m in a block of flats and I’ve had notice to move my bike out of the foyer. I’ve had it there for over twenty years. Why couldn’t they wait till I die dammit.

    1. When though? I don’t see me riding off too far this year! I might venture off somewhere in September when the campsites are quieter!
      That’s annoying about your bike, do you have a new management company? A similar thing has happened around here, on the twittens on a private estate! Some new company has put up new signage, upsetting everyone! Maybe they’re trying to tell you something!?!

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