Cycle Touring England Friday 7th-April-2017

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in England on Friday, 7th-April-2017. Brockenhurst to Greywell. 51 miles. I was going to go home today, but with the weather being so nice I decided to stay away for another night!

The river Itchenor
The river Itchenor

Not really knowing where to go, I headed in a north-easterly direction for a change and have now found myself in a place called Greywell!

River Itchenor Winchester
The river Itchenor on the way into Winchester

The ride-up has been very varied, from the busy roads around Southampton to the dedicated cycle routes around Winchester and then the quiet country lanes that brought me here.

Lovely old house in Greywell
I’m In Heaven

I’ve managed to find a brilliant campsite tonight. I’m staying in a pub garden, and it’s for free! The only stipulation from the pub landlady is that I’ve got to drink in her pub tonight! Really, do I have to? I suppose that if I really must, then I will!! I’ll just have to suffer and do as I’m told!

The Fox and Goose Greywell
The Fox and Goose at Greywell my stop for the night
Fox and Goose Greywell
View of the pub garden from my tent

Thought that I’d better post this early while I still can. The camp fees could end up being rather expensive!!

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