June-2021 Bicycle-Ride Video Episode-6

June-2021 bicycle-ride video episode-6, Brockenhurst to Brighstone, after another night spent at Hollands, Wood Garry’s now heading to the Isle of Wight. On route to the Isle of Wight, Garry takes a ride through Brockenhurst town. But before leaving the campsite, he has a bimble around, searching for New Forest ponies.

It’s a short ride through the forest to Lymington, where he’s hoping to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight. But before catching the ferry, Garry decides to detour to the quayside. Mainly because he’s not been there for a year or two (Covid 19), and there are also not many miles to cycle today.

The ferry times don’t work out for Garry, so it’s off to Southampton to catch the ferry from there. On route to Southampton, there’s a lot of confusion from Garry! Not that he doesn’t know the way, more he doesn’t know which villages he passes through!  Garry eventually sorts it out and rides through picturesque Beaulieu. Next up is Hythe, where he decides to catch the small ferry to Southampton instead of cycling around on the road and regrets it!

Ferry times work out well for Garry, and no sooner does he arrive in Southampton than he’s on his way to the Isle of Wight. It was an uneventful crossing, but just as Garry is about to disembark, he receives a phone call that sets his tone for the rest of the day! And it’s not good!

It’s a windy ride across the island with Garry moaning all the way! Nothing new there then! But with hindsight, Garry was entirely justified for his moan! Despite moaning, Garry is delighted to be back on the Isle of Wight. And it’s not long before he arrives at Grange Farm campsite, another one of Garry’s regular sites he visits.



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