Travelsonabike2 France Monday 7th-October-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in France on Monday, 7th-October-2019. Orleans to Sancerre. 79 Miles. The temperature seems to have really dropped today. But at least it’s been sunny!

I’ve spent most of the day not following the Loire but the many canals that seem to run along the side of it.

Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire

I’ve had some lovely cycle paths that have, for the most part, been lovely smooth, flat asphalt. That was until I decided to stop!

I’d already made my mind up first thing this morning as to roughly where I thought I’d end up tonight. And as the day wore on, it looked more and more likely that I was right.

Cooling towers
Thought I was coming into Springfield! One of the many power stations along the Loire

As I approached Sancerre, I could see it wasn’t actually on the Loire or rather the “canal lateral de la Loire” that I’d been following. No, it was high above at the top of the valley!

Knowing that there were plenty of places to stay here, I thought I’d be a bit stupid to push on, and besides, I’d got it in my head that this was my place for the night.

Looking down hill
My one and only hill of the day

Hoping to find a hotel near the canal wasn’t to be, and I had to cycle the 130 metres, in a mile to find a hotel! I was glad to finish tonight!

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2 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 France Monday 7th-October-2019”

  1. with surfaces like that you could cycle round the world but France takes a lot of beating. finding a room at night must be like Russian roulette. You are a dab hand with a camera. How do we track you to a particular point such as Rotterdam? It’s confusing to trawl through all your past tours. I’m reading about a girl who is motorcycle camping through Pakistan. Sancerre looks a nice town – I wonder how they coped during the war.
    Best wishes – Malc

    1. It’s always a lottery when it comes to the end of the day, but then that’s part of the fun, not knowing what I’m going to get!
      I’ve not seen anything of Sancerre yet, I stopped at the first place I saw! I might have a look around in the morning. I think they produce a lot of wine here, judging by all the bottles in the restaurant last night!

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