Travelsonabike2 France Saturday 12th-October-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in France on Saturday, 12th-October-2019. Montbeliard to Kembs.73 Miles. That was a longer-than-expected day. I had planned on having a short day!

I was debating all morning as to whether I should go to Switzerland or not! Seeing as I was so close.

Chateau in Montbeliard this morning

Basel (Switzerland) was only about 25 miles from Mulhouse. Mulhouse was the point where I needed to turn left and head up the Eurovelo route 15 towards Holland. Or turn right to Switzerland!

Boats on canal
Boats along Le canal du Rhone au Rhine

In the end, I decided to go to Switzerland, which wasn’t the wisest of choices, as it turned out!

When I arrived there, it just didn’t have such a good feeling about it. Don’t ask me why, it just didn’t!

Heron by the water
I’ve seen plenty of herons on this trip, but this is the first photo I’ve been able to get

That’s one of the reasons why I never like to go back somewhere I’ve already been; the first memories are always the best!

After realising that I didn’t want to stay in Basel, I looked for an alternative place to stay, and found a campsite just outside the city! And yes, as you’ve guessed, it was closed!

Brightly coloured building
Museum in Mulhouse

Luckily, I’d passed another campsite a few miles back on my way into Basel, which I saw was open. And that’s where I’ve ended up tonight.

I might have a rest day tomorrow. My tent and everything was wet from my last night’s camp, as it always is. But because I didn’t stop till late, nothing has had a chance to dry out! And is still damp now, four hours later!

Bridge in Basel

Despite my little detour into Switzerland and cycling an unnecessary 30 miles, I’ve still had a good day.

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  1. Blue skies and those canals look so peaceful. I cycled through Mulhouse in 1954 he! he! I doubt if I did 73 miles. Have a day off today – it’s the 13th.

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