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Garry McGivern’s South Asia bike-ride, India, Saturday, 15th-October-2016. In Dhule. I went to the new hospital at about eight o’clock last night with Deepam’s father, who also had an appointment with the same doctor!  (two for the price of one, maybe?) After another examination and looking at my xray the doctor thinks I’ve got allergic bronchitis! (Something new to add to my list of ailments!) which does sort of figure. What with all the air pollution. My skin allergy, asthma which I’ve had since a baby and a chest infection it’s all combined against me!

After giving me his verdict, he asked me what I wanted to do to stay in hospital or continue on my tour! Thinking I really don’t want to stay in the hospital, I may never come out! I said I wanted to continue on my tour, but I wanted to be better first and asked if it was okay to stay where I was, at the hotel. He agreed with me and thought that that was probably the best plan.

Treatment room in an Indian hospital
One of my reasons for not wanting to stay in hospital this was the treatment room

If I’m no better tomorrow I’ve got to go back and see him again otherwise he’ll see me on Monday, well I think that’s what was said! After putting me on a nebuliser for ten minutes, they allowed me to go.

Garry McGivern on a nebuliser
On the nebuliser last night

I felt so much better when I woke up this morning which was helped by the lovely smells wafting into my room. They were setting up for a banquet in the courtyard below my window, and the cooking had started early.

Indian chef
Preparing the food early for the banquet
Getting ready for the banquet
Coloured awning
The brightly coloured awning.

I even ventured out for a little walk this afternoon just to see how I felt. I only walked about five hundred yards down the road, and funnily enough, I ended up outside a little bar. Well, it would be rude not to! So I ventured in for one!

Indian street view
The street outside my hotel

Yep! I’m definitely still not that well. The beer didn’t taste very nice at all! I only had the one, then went back to the hotel.

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