Cycle Touring India Saturday 8th October. Mumbai to Igatpuri. 81 miles.

Didn’t get off to the best of starts this morning I’d only gone about a hundred yards from the hotel and got chased by a couple of dogs!

Finding my way put of Mumbai was relatively easy as I sort of remembered it, I must admit that I don’t remember it being so busy and there seemed to be loads more flyovers over nearly every junction.

Busy roads in India
Busy roads coming out of Mumbai

The traffic was really awful for about the first three or four hours, and no matter what or where I tried there was just no way of avoiding it. I tried the flyovers they weren’t too bad except it was a hill to go up each time and coming back down once it was over the junction  you then had to contend with joining traffic! But going under the flyovers was even worse, you then had junctions which did have traffic lights but nobody took any notice of, it was just a case of putting the blinkers on and hoping for the best!

Ive been having real trouble staying hydrated today, I’ve been sweating so much it’s unbelievable! It’s all probably down to the fact that I’m so fat and unfit! But hopefully that’ll change by the end of this trip!

I ended the day going up some big hill, I knew that it was starting to get late but I thought I’d just get up there and then find somewhere for the night, well this hill just kept going on and it was pitch black by the time I reached the top! Not really what I had in mind for my first day cycling, hopefully I’ll judge the daylight situation a bit better tomorrow!

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