St-Richards-Hospital 13th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 13th September 2021, not a particularly good start to the day! I really wasn’t feeling that good! And I only got up because there was a fire alarm going off. However, it was a false alarm! Personally, I think it was the staff setting it off to get me out of bed! Although they denied it and although it was a false alarm, I thought it better to be safe rather than sorry and got up! (I know they didn’t really set it off, but it’s good to wind the nurses up!) As a result, I didn’t get out of bed until 9.30.

Child's effort at a card and flower
Indya made me a card and flower

I wasn’t too sure what was the matter with me to start with. And then it came to me, sitting in a soft chair for too long! I watched the motor racing for a few hours yesterday, and it’s always the same at home! If I sit on the sofa for any amount of time, it seems to upset my back, making me feel rough. That’s why I’m always sat at the dining table, on a firm chair! Although after saying that, my infection markers seem to have gone in the wrong direction as well!

Painting of people
Garden fete painting from the hospital

As I’m now a fully qualified doctor!! I can read blood results myself, and could see what was happening! My CRP has doubled since yesterday, and my white blood cells have also increased! A bad sign of infection!

Man in chair
The old man sitting in his chair wrapped in a blanket! The one good thing is that I’m not rocking or dribbling, yet!

Personally, I think my markers are going up because I’m finding it all a bit too comfortable in here! And don’t want to go home! After all, I get served three meals a day. And tea, coffee and biscuits are free-flowing! I also have my bed changed every day. Why would anyone want to leave? Oh yes, it’s a hospital!

It was the same old problem with my cannula today! The one that was only placed in me three days ago has given up the ghost, and of course, it’s taken four attempts to get a new one in!

4 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 13th September 2021”

  1. Hi Malcolm; my preference by far is the window sill art, great use of a strong primary collision of colours with an undertone of monkeys contrasted by a lovely daffodil in full bloom🙂

    They certainly brighten up the window sill and your day too I’m sure Doctor Gary.

  2. Hi Garry! Nice art work. What did you think of Caen? Thousands of civilians were killed there in the war.
    What with all the adverts?
    It seems that inserting cannulars is not an exact science.
    It’s a mess of potage. Why can’t they stabilise you after all these days?

    1. It is a rather nice painting, and it’s only part of it.
      I quite liked Caen, especially the “Hotel de Ville” with the cathedral behind it. I seem to remember there being a castle, but I might be confused about that! I think I may have spent the night there in 2010, but once again I might be confused!
      The ads are annoying I know, but I’ve got to make some money somewhere!
      Hopefully, I’m on my last cannular now, they always have problems getting them in me, and also getting them to stay in! I’m hoping today was just a blip and all will be well again, I need to get out of this place!

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