Sunday 28th June; YouTube Video

Sunday 28th June and another YouTube/Flickr video!

France 2010, Garry was heading back to France, to meet up with Katrin. The Swiss cyclist he had met on the way home from his tour of Italy. Garry had met Katrin when she was cycling Eurovelo Route 6 and had decided to join her. Unfortunately, after four days, Katrin ran out of time and had to return to Switzerland.

So Katrin could get home as quickly as possible they ended their tour in Orleans and caught the train to Paris, where they parted company. But before parting, they agreed to finish cycling Eurovelo 6 to Nantes together.

To meet back up, Garry caught the Eurostar from London to Paris, while Katrin caught the TGV from Switzerland. Once in Paris, they jumped on the train back to Orleans. From there, they continued their ride, towards the Atlantic Ocean.

After reaching the Atlantic and finishing Eurovelo Route 6, they decided to carry on cycling! And rode to Garry’s home in England. On route, they would stop in some of Brittany, and Normandy’s best cities.

This video shows some of the photo’s Garry took, while on their tour.

Read more about this tour on Garry’s tour of France and Switzerland page.

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2 Replies to “Sunday 28th June; YouTube Video”

  1. What a lovely woman! it must have been a dream for you but lugging those bikes down the steps brings you down to earth. haha.

    1. Coming down the steps was a breeze, after having to lug them up there the day before! They conned us when we checked in! We were never told the rooms were 800 steps away up the hill!

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