Sunday 5th July; YouTube Video

Sunday 5th July and another YouTube/Flickr video!

Garry and Katrin had been in England, playing the tourist for a few days. After they’d finished their ride of the Loire Valley. But now they were going head to Katrin’s home in Switzerland.

After catching the early ferry from Portsmouth, they arrived in Le Havre. And as with most of Garry’s tours, there was no planned route. They would make it up as they went along! The only end game was to reach Katrin’s home in Sarnen, at some point!

It took Katrin and Garry two weeks to cycle the 800-miles to Sarnen. A very leisurely ride, playing the tourist as they went along. On route, they visited many of France’s most beautiful cities, spending their afternoons and evenings exploring the streets and sights.

Once in Switzerland, instead of cycling straight to Sarnen, they went on a detour to Zurich. Over the past couple of years, Garry had met several travellers, who had all said they were heading to Zurich! Garry wanted to see what the attraction was! And despite Katrin saying it wasn’t worth bothering with, they still went! She was right, there wasn’t a lot there! But the ride there was worth it!

After arriving in Sarnen, Garry and Katrin ended their cycle tour. Although they didn’t stop touring! They spent another week touring Switzerland by car, with Katrin as Garry’s tour guide. Before Garry flew home to England.

You can find out more about this tour on the France and Switzerland tour page.

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