Sunday 3rd May. Brighstone to Portsmouth.. 23 miles.

I was a good boy last night and didn’t go along to the bikers do instead I just went up to the local pub and had something to eat and a few beers of course! It was pretty good up there as they had a live band playing, I stayed there for a few hours before going back to my tent, didn’t want to stay out too late as I knew the weather forecast was for rain coming in later on in the evening, luckily it just started to rain as I was on my way back to the tent but not enough to get me wet. The night was pretty rough and wild but at least I pegged the tent out properly this time! Slow start this morning as it was still raining and blowing a gale but the rain had stopped by 10 o’clock so I packed away and had left the campsite by 11 o’clock! Stopped off at the Sloop Inn at Wooton Bridge for another carvery, again it seems to be part of the IOW ritual! Really struggled coming up the hill from Wooton Bridge to the ferry I think I ate too much! Got to the ferry and got rushed straight on and no sooner was I on and the doors closed and we were on our way to Portsmouth! The crossing back was a lot smoother than the one coming over. Once over in Portsmouth I had a few hours to kill so went and saw a friend and annoyed her for a few hours!

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