Cycle Touring India Thursday 27th October. Jhansi to Orai. 70 miles. 

It’s been a hard days ride today the roads have been pretty awful, potholes, ruts and ribbing. Can’t complain too much about that though as it’s the first time I’ve had a bad road for any distance on this trip! The other thing that made for hard riding was a strong headwind that just wouldn’t go away, it’s just so flat here at the moment, I’ve been surrounded by rice fields nearly all day which isn’t exactly thrilling scenery, there wasn’t even any rice in the fields yet they were just starting to flood them.

Bike against a post
Lunch break
Messy table
And making g a right mess too!

Although I think the main reason I was finding it hard going today was I’m starting to get some of the side effects of my steroids and getting insomnia! So I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night!

Being in a bad mood right from the start was only made worse by the hotel! “Hotel Highway” more like “Hotel Highway Robbery”

As I went to check out I had to pay my food bill from the night before which he tried to charge me double for! Not only did he try and charge me double he added a service charge on for eating in my room! Why would I pay that they were the ones who wouldn’t let me eat it anywhere else! But the bloke was adamant that that was the price even though I pointed to the price in the menu which was half of what he was saying and he was the one who said I had to have it in my room! In the end I just paid I really couldn’t be bothered it was only £3 but it was the priciple!

Being in a bad mood I’d had enough of the traffic, the constant blasting of horns, people just cutting me up and the people on mopeds that just sit alongside you but don’t say a word! I had one that was there for half an hour or so today, very annoying, well it’s not normally but today because I was Mr Grumpy it was!

My guesthouse for the night

Still all is ok now I’m in a little guesthouse with my bottle of Pepsi and bottle of water, it’s certainly not the cleanest of places in fact I might even put the tent up in the room it’s that bad but at least it’s a room for the night!

Fort at Amargarh
Fort that appeared out of nowhere

There was one change of scenery this morning just out of the blue this fort appeared sitting on top of a rock!

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