September 2020 Monthly Update

Garry’s monthly update for September 2020, another quiet month, which seems to be the norm in this strange year! This time last year, I had already been away on four tours and was just about to head off to France to finish my Eurovelo tour. This year I’ve not been anywhere. What a difference a year makes! Although I still live in the hope that I may go away somewhere this year!


That shingles episode that I had last month was worse than I thought and really knocked me for six! I’ve only just got over it! I never realised shingles could make you feel so ill! But now at the end of the month, I’m feeling a lot better, thankfully!

Other news on the health front, yes, for a change there’s more! I’ve been short of breath for the past few weeks, so I’ve had a full check-up on my heart! Blood tests, ECG and an x-ray, and yes, much to Julie’s surprise I do have one! Anyway, everything came back okay, apart from the x-ray, and I received a phone call from the doctor;

“Hello Mr McGivern, we’ve had the results from your x-ray,” said the doctor

“Oh, yes,” I replied

“Your heart seems okay and is functioning well, but did you know you’ve got multiple broken ribs?” She said


“Your right rib cage shows signs of multiple broken ribs, not at the moment, they’re old breaks that have heeled! Did you not know you’d broken them?” She asked.

“I know I fell over a few years ago, (Spain 2015) but, because I knew there was nothing that could be done for ribs, I never bothered doing anything about it! I said

“Umm! Well at least your heart is good, and we’ll review it again in six to twelve months, goodbye Mr McGivern.”

It was afterwards when talking to Julie that she reminded me that, I probably broke my ribs when I fell off my bike, after one or two too many beers! She said I was in pain for a long time but never got any sympathy as it was my own stupid fault! After telling me, I did remember, April 2017, I’d been to a beer festival with Dave and Helen, my good friends.

Garry McGivern enjoying a pint
Garry enjoying a pint at the beer festival before it all went wrong

Well, fame has finally caught up with me! I was cycling along the seafront minding my own business, when somebody passed me, going in the opposite direction. “I know you,” they said.


“Yes your that bloke from YouTube,” they replied.

“Maybe” I replied hesitantly.

“I’m Ben,” he said. I then knew who he was, he’s posted a few comments on my videos over the years. We stood chatting for a while, he had cycled down from Reading for a few days and was staying at his brothers. It was nice to put a face to a name.

Other News

Sad news this month with the closure of my favourite watering hole, the Fox inn has closed! And I’d be surprised if it were to reopen again this year! We’ve gone from four pubs in our village to one and a half in a few months! Half because one of the pubs only opens for a few hours a week!

Pint of lager
Last pint out of the barrel

Indya had her first birthday this month, and we had a small party for her. Where has that year gone!

Baby girl with birthday cake
Indya enjoying her birthday cake



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